Can’t believe this is happening!

So finally today is THE day my trip starts, hardly slept last night. Got to the airport, 17,9 kg of luggage (way too much) and a big smile on my face. Can’t believe this is today and it just sounds right.

One stop at Amsterdam and then a direct flight to Rio de Janeiro.

The flight is ‘kind of’ smooth for one hour, some turbulences but the seat belt sign does not light, mmm wonder why but I am too tired to start being scared…

We are now just South of Scotland, strange route but why not. And then, we hear the pilot giving us an announcement – wait we are not there yet. Is he going to give us an update on the time and weather in Rio?

  • ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I have some bad news’
  • Excuse-me, some what?! And why does he start in English and then switch to Dutch for like 10 minutes…?
  • …the weather radar is broken and as there are some storms in Brazil we are turning back to Amsterdam to either fix the radar or change plane.’

Alright. Now, the people who do not like flying so much will understand… I am about to laugh as this is so unreal, I just can’t believe this is happening.

Thought my first post would be on a nice place from Brazil Nordeste, but well, let’s face it, that would be just too… expected?!

So I just look at the situation while I try not to laugh: a weather radar is broken, yes it could be much worse, like an engine, but it broke just like THAT?!

And then: some storms in Brazil, there are always some turbulences from Europe to Brazil but now there are apparently some ‘Storms’.

Wonder how it would go without the radar….

In the middle of my scenario imagining the plane in the storm trying to go through, the flight attendant tells me that anyway we would not be able to land in Rio without the radar, because of the mountains you know.

Oh yeahhh of course, sounds just perfect!



So here I am, 12hours later, and only one hour away from Paris.

Yes, this is going to be a journey…


4 thoughts on “Can’t believe this is happening!

      1. Oui oui nous attendons impatiemment …. la nature découverte par Isa ….plus dépaysante que la vue des paquerettes dans les jardins de Paris avec ‘une méteo douce de 15 degrés en décembre.


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