North Brazil, between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara

VIDEO: A day in Jeri


2 days in Jeri before Christmas meeting great people in a relaxed atmosphere, made me discover the best of Jeri before the flow of tourists got there!

My advice: do go there off season, there are only 2000 people living there. For NYE we were 10 000. Way too many people for such a beautiful place.

IMG_0896 (1).jpg

To get there from Sao Luis, have a look at my previous post!

From Fortaleza it’s easy, just takea 7 hours bus. Here is the last ‘bus’ to go through the park, coming from Fortaleza, kind of surreal!


In 2 days I had discovered the highlights of jeri by night: the sunset at the dune do por do sol, the caipirinhas barracas where everyone gathers before going to party, one reggae party with your foots in the sand that made me remember the unforgettable one we had with my friends from Venezuela in Choroni years ago, and finally the Brazilian forro with its… accordion! So French! 😉


Luiz Barraca in Jeri, Maracuja, Cirajuelac and Caju are the best!


After 2 days I went to Fortaleza to meet my friend Solen who joined the trip for 2 weeks! Also met unexpectedly Janilo my ex-Mexican-P&G-Brazilian friend! Great night with the discovery of the Escondidinho de camarão!


So yeah a few lines on the food here in the North, just exquisite! Macarão com Abacaxi (shrimps with pineapple), Muqueque de camarão (shrimps with coconut sauce) and the Escondidinho de camarāo (manioc puree with camarão in a vegetable sauce) are my favorite. The best drink being the coco gelado, sorry, the caipirinha !


coco caipi

Up north of Fortaleza we went from least to most (still little) developed beaches: Taiba, 2 hours from Fortaleza.



Lagoinha, still not so developped, we were 5 tourists in total! These below was actually the views from our pousada balcony!




There we decided to do what everyone comes to do in North east: Kite surfing! We were dreaming of standing on the board quite quickly and so some jumps, but well, that was more a class on how to fall down without getting hurt too much. You understand quickly the key move ‘alivia!’ meaning ‘release!’ after falling face down…!


Small buggy to get to the lagoa where you can learn the basics without waves.


Practicing – small kite at the back on the left, we got the basics!


And finally our last destination before going back to Jeri, Flecheiras, another small village, which was actually my favorite of the 3 as it is in a bay and the village is well integrated with the beach.











And then after one more day of travel here we were, back in Jeri! More kite surfing. Jeri is one of the best places in the world for kite surfing. There is no way we would not try after having traveled from so far away!

So we took another 3 classes. Standing on the board even for a few seconds was extatic!


As for the rest just watch the video up the page!

31st of December sunset in Jeri:

Finally New year’s eve, we all dressed in white as per Brazilian tradition. Everyone gathers on the beach where we saw fireworks, more barracas de caipirinhas and live music.

We jumped 7 waves for 7 wishes to come true in 2016!



Feliz ano novo everyone!



6 thoughts on “North Brazil, between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara

  1. Vous m’excuserez mais je ne pourrais pas vous suivre en portugais…
    En tous cas ça avait l’air bien bien canon!!!
    De gros bisous les filles et isa bonne continuation … on pense fort a toi!


  2. J’adore ton blog ! c’est super de suivre tes péripéties ! et j’en profite du coup pour te souhaiter une très belle et heureuse année 2016 ! Je ne doute pas qu’elle soit riche en événements pour toi 😉


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