A glimpse of Olinda Carnival, Brazil

In Olinda, Carnival is a serious business, it starts in …November and lasts until February!

Yes that’s 4 months of rehearsal!

A Brazilian guy from Recife told me to go there on a Sunday as it is when there are most desfiles before the high carnival season starts.

On the main square, at around 2pm, the first blocos / bands start to rehearse:


Then we walked up to Igreja de Se with 2 Argentinian girls I met in the bus. Everyone dressed in white, drums, a preacher telling us there has been lots of bad things happening in Olinda last year but he will now bless us with water to erase all our sins!

At first as you will see below you think it is just going to be little water, but after 10 seconds they were literally throwing at us buckets of waters! And rice. That ended up sticking on us!


Not sure our sins were washed away but at least, we got cool, which was nice after waiting for hours in the sun! Everyone was screaming and laughing, that was really fun!

Then the whole crowd started to go in the streets following a char with a statue that looked as Jesus to me. Everyone started to dance and follow the music, drinking in the streets.



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