Saudade de Itacaré…

Itacaré, the kind of place you arrive and think you will spend 2 days and end up spending weeks, months, and even come back years after.

Not so developed as other Brazilian places, Itacaré is surrounded by beaches you can walk to from 10 minutes to 2 hours through the jungle.

Rocks and palmtrees create small paradises, where people surf, play football, take yoga classes or just hang out with friends.

But the best of Itacaré are the people who get there.

It seems that all long-travelers or bi-nationals end up here. Autralian, Argentinian, British and many more, all open to the world and easy-going people, make of Itacaré one of the best places to stay for a while. Probably the only place so far along with Bocas del Toro in Panama where I have found such a vibe.

As if it was not enough, food is to die for. Aqua is the best in town, a gem in which for 20 reais/5 dollars, you eat a dish that could easily beat any gastronomic restaurant. For sweet palates, Caramelo café has delicious maracuja and chocolate mousse.

At night, everyone gathers in the main street to have a caipirinha or a beer and there is always a reggae concert just round the corner!

Now I can say: Ai que saudade que eu tenho la de Itacaré!

Best place to stay: Bananas’ hostel

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