Living the Carioca life, Rio de Janeiro

40 000 feet heading to Foz de Iguassu and wrapping up 3 weeks in Rio de Janeiro. How can that already be 3 weeks?

Here is the video of our first week at Rio carnival! Nuria my colleague/friend decided to visit coming straight from Paris so here we were, representing Spain and France, and Convivialité in Rio.


Rio carnival is unmissable. The blocos/ bands in the street, the fantasias /costumes,the beats, the people partying all the way, this was pure fun and madness!

See some costumes below!


FullSizeRender (1)IMG_5674FullSizeRender 5

But the best show was definitively at the Sambodromo.

From 9pm to 6am, you see all the samba schools performing one after the other. Our favorite was Portela – the blue one in the video. Just spectacular. Starting off with skydivers arriving from nowhere – to wake up the audience, it was already 2:30am, the samba filled with energy – listen to the first music in the video, the parades showcasing the story of humanity with a level of professionalism and technique that was simply stunning!

What else?

A few tips for when you visit Rio:

Find peace in the city >> go to Parque Lage and have a coffee or brunch. This is also fro this park that the trail to go to the Corcovado starts, if you feel like climbing up a bit!




Best beach outside Rio city center >> Prainha – surfing beach that is just spectacular. Surrounded by mountains and with really good kiosks selling ‘gourmet junk’.



Best bar with a view >> Bar da Lage in Favela Vidigal. Go to Vidigal – just after Leblon- and if you like adrenalin (or if you just didn’t turn your head to the right where the vans are), take a moto taxi to go up up up to the top of the favela.

When you get up there- these moto taxis do go fast – you just want to have a caipirinha, right here, right now, super cold, because yes you are still alive!!! Ok just give me 2!

This bar is so cool I went twice.




And finally… the classics!

Corcovado>> yes they will probably announce a 2-3 hours wait for the train but go there with a smile, a few Portuguese words and you may get a space in the next one like we did!

IMG_2697 (1).jpg


Escadaria Selaron >> walk up the stairs, turn left and 10 minutes after  – ok, 20 according to the guys, you are at the top of Santa Teresa where you can eat in Bar do Mineiro. A bit dark to walk up there but I had 4 bodyguards!



Best pasta in town>> send the Argentinians to the kitchen, if you are lucky one will actually be a chef. Gracias Che, that was well worth doing the dishes!





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