Argentina, Che!

Let’s start with Iguazu. Well, just another waterfall I thought. I went mostly because it was we could say on my way and everyone told me it was really fantastic.

My mum came over to travel for a while, she had been to Niagara falls and thought it would be more or less similar. Well I can say we were definitively WRONG!


It was simply STUNNING…!!

Millions of litres of water falling on kilometres and kilometres, with a strength I did not know was possible! The tracks on the Brazilian side give you the overview (see above).

IMG_3684.JPG…while the Argentinian side tracks (above and below) brings you into the forest, along the falls, up and under them. Kind of scary sometime – see below the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat) – eventually you start to wonder how it stays still and just decide to forget about it otherwise you would start running away. Right now. Fast!


The village on the Argentinian side is also much nicer than the Brazilian side. Recommend staying there with no doubt! You can go to both sides of the falls from there too. Do-not-miss the empanadas in town,they are delicious!!

Talking about food, let’s go to Buenos Aires!

Staying in Palermo was a kind of a coming back to Mexico condesa. Small houses, streets lined up with trees, lots of cafes and restaurants.


The Argentinian asado is famous all over the world. I am as many an environmental-conscious person and I can say I had a few steaks this time and there is a before and an after Argentina. How can you eat meat anywhere else in the world after that?! Try a Bife de chorizo at Las Cabras or Ojo de Bife at Don Julio, you will not be disapointed!

PS: dinner starts at 10 pm in Argentina. I was lucky to have met some local friends in Rio, and we met a few more times in Buenos Aires. To my porteños friends: Tito, Flavia, Guido, and Nithia, un gran gracias!!

Nightlife is a big thing. Never seen so many people out on the streets at 2am, getting ready to do to clubs/boliches!

Another place that I liked quite a lot was Puerto Madero (see above) and its parks. Very relaxing after accessible gateway from the city.

But the best way to visit Buenos Aires is to rent a bike and go through the various neighbourhoods and parks.


San Telmo on Sundays is nice for its market. Sounds super touristic but it’s actually quite nice! You can start with an aperitif Ricard 😉 in Defensa street, then take a fresh squeezed orange juice on the street, rest for a while next to Mafalda on the bench and finish with a tango on the street. The best tango show we saw though was at Tortoni’s.

There are so many more places, monuments, museums, parks to see, that I can’t write it all, you will have to go and see by yourself!


Finally Patagonia. Amazing glaciers, icebergs, trekkings, rivers, landscapes.

EL calafate is the starting point to see glaciers such as the most famous one, el Perito Moreno, only glacier of te national park that is not decreasing in size today.


We also did a tour boat that brings you to 2 other glaciars and see icebergs on the lakes. Definitively worth it.


Patagonia is extremely windy, but if you have sunny days as we had, you are blessed!

Our next stop was at El Chalten the starting point to treks to Fitz Roy and el Cerro Torre. These 2 treks are 20 km long each, and if you do not camp, like us, you have to do each of them in a day.

Fitz Roy is hard, actually it was level 4 out of 4, but as nothing scares us, we just went for it! And yes, it was hard. The last part to go up was 400 meters elevation on less than a km. But definitively worth it. Spectacular.



EL Cerro Torre is another trek we did the day after, much easier, but still 20 km to go and come back!


If you want to eat excellent pasta after that, I recommend the ‘Maffia’ (yes, with 2 f) in El Chalten, just excellent and the people are super nice. You can also try for dessert the flan (creme caramel) that comes of course with Dulce de leche on the side!

Well we walked didn’t we?!

There is so much in Argentina, the wineries in Mendoza, in which I was lucky there was a classical music festival at the same time, Bariloche & the North – both I did not have time to go that you need at least 1,5 months to see it all.


One of the last thing I heard in Argentina was a ‘Ciao boluda!’ from the airport bus driver. I guess I had deserved it.

I had made it to the wrong airport in Buenos Aires. Managed to come back in time to the right one, the bus driver did not even make me pay the ticket when i explained to him laughing my mistake (I had plenty time). So that ‘Ciao Boluda’, said with a smile, was actually a nice thing to hear. I am definitively partly Argentinian now!


IMG_5600.JPGThen I entered the airport, had a coffee and a medialuna (croissant) for breakfast, waiting for my delayed flight.


Ready to go for other adventures!






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  1. belle découverte de ce pays attachant, il manque quelques gros cailloux qui jalonnaient notre chemin pour mieux percevoir notre persévérance a grimper si haut…la haut!

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