48h in Auckland

I had the feeling I was going to like Auckland even though I only had 48h there. First I love Sydney, I find it spectacular with all its small bays. So I had the idea that Auckland is like a ‘little Sydney’ – no offense there!

Luckily I had one of my former trainee who is living there, Matthieu, so he gave me all the good tips and showed me the city around!


A visit to the office. 


Back to Auckland, a city perfect to walk around:

What I liked the most was the Viaduct area, where all the boats are. Just beautiful.



To go to a nearby beach catch a bus to Takapuna. Just half an hour from the city center:


At night, we went to Britomart and Ponsonby. Ponsonby is kind of the hipster area to go out. Small alleys with tables outside, restaurants and cocktails bars that care about what the ingredients they put in your dish and glass. No pretense and a relaxed atmosphere makes it a nice place to hang out.


Above at a really nice Mexican restaurant in Britomart. Tacos with a twist and Tequila cocktails.


If you have one half day left as I had, you can go to Mount Eden, but you will need to walk FAST to get up there! Catch a bus to go there and when you are about to reach the mount, take the first right dust path from main road: it is a short-cut, a bit steep but totally feasible, and trust me you will need it!


Went from the city center there and back in 2 hours, that includes waiting 30 minutes for the bus. A bit in a rush, 3 hours would have been perfect.

From up there the view on the city is beautiful. You are on top of a crater, which to me was actually the best of going there. The grass is so green and thick you just feel like lying down in it!


Definitely a great city. I promised to myself I would go back to NZ to visit the rest of the islands, in summer-time!


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