So… what it’s like to dive in Fakarava?

So, what it’s like to dive in Fakarava? In one word: fantastic!! I have done 4 dives just outside the north pass and in the north pass in the last 2 days with Thibault and Marion from O2 Fakarava.

P1130628Fakarava atoll on the lagoon side.

The least I can say is that I have not been disappointed: hundreds of sharks in these two days- black tips, white tips and grey reef sharks.

how many sharks copy

How many sharks in the picture?

Also, schools of goatfishes (watch my video with the shark and goatfish on instagram/ isaontracks), lots of groupers all coming at the same place for their mating season, incredible number of parrot fishes and butterfly fishes, huuuge humphead wrasses everyday!


shark and fish new copy 2thibault are you ok copy 2

Hiding in the school of fish when a sharks comes close, I think I scared him! Yes I am ok thanks Thibault! I can’t see you though! 🙂

But the best was yesterday, just when we were going down, at around 20 meters we saw on the surface about 15 dolphins passing just above us. That was amazing!!

Lots of sharks too.

Marion sharks 2  copy

Marion with a shark above her in the sunlight.

A while after that, we were at about 30 meters down when we saw two beautiful manta rays just below us, they were probably about 40 meters below surface. They stayed around swimming even closer to us, they were so beautiful!

two manta super nice new copy 2

  Unbelievable first dive yesterday!

I was also super lucky to dive with both Thibault on the first day and Marion on the second day, from O2 Fakarava. Two friends of mine had recommended me their diveshop and the whole experience was just great!


Marion and Thibault, the owners of O2 Fakarava:

I was lucky on these two days to have private dives, that means a dive tailored to me, nice depth, time underwater, and locations! No need to go up when someone is out of air rapidly. That was just great.

They also have a fantastic boat, super comfortable. See below.


Last but to least, Marion is cooking some delicious cakes so we ate some madeleines during our surface interval! P1130631

Surface interval near the north pass. Happy after having seen dolphins, sharks and mantas in a single dive!

Our second dive today was in the pass. Going down right in the middle of about 50 sharks again. Then a nice drift dive passing above the canyons with lots of groupers and again sharks everywhere! I think we saw probably 150 in that second dive. Great coral too.

Otherwise Fakarava is a very relaxed atoll, just 800 people live there, just one long concrete road where you can go biking. Some nice beaches. Not too developed.

To finish the day, enjoy the sunset in the lagoon!

P1130610  Beautiful sailing boats in the lagoon.

Truly two fantastic days here. Time to go to Rangiroa for more diving and relaxing a bit on this second atoll!


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