Diving Tikehau

As I had not planned my trip to French Polynesia that much, I could not go to Maupiti as all flights were full because of the high season there. So after Fakarava and Rangiroa, I decided to go dive to a third atoll, Tikehau.

P1130661View from the plane. Rangiroa to Tikehau.

I had high hopes as many years back, Cousteau had said he had encountered more fish than in any other part of the South Pacific. Ok that was many years ago.

And of course, this is not true anymore! I was so disappointed by the diving there that I only did one dive. A lot of the coral is bleached due to El niño and overall global warming. Also, the island has been providing tons of fish for many years – approximately 50% of the fish sold in Papeete comes from Tikehau, that’s roughly 350 tons annually. So well… not so much to see anymore there under water. At least compared to other places I have been to.

Still the visibility was good and you can see as always it seems in the Tuamotus small black tips everywhere:


But anyway I was lucky again, as even though I only stayed only 2 days, I got upgraded to a nice bungalow with a fantastic view.

P1130737View from my bungalow.


As I did not spend so much time under the water, I decided to explore the island by bike, which was really nice despite the very strong wind. I was very careful with palmtrees and their coconuts and the dogs on the island that like to run after tourists on their bikes!

Good two days afterall!

Biking around the island and sunrise.


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