A week end in new Orleans

Video here:

When I was thinking of New orleans, the first images that came to my mind were of music, music, music, live bands playing in the street, people outside everywhere, beautiful architecture and history, and a diverse mix of people.

With my friend Solen we went to New orleans for the week end, and it was exactly like I had imagined. Everyone, from all ages and nationality was out in the street with one common spirit: having a good time. 

We wander in the streets, in search for good music, ate excellent local good (definitively recommend the shrimp po’boy and the oysters), did a walking tour bringing us inside the old New Orleans, looked at pictures and local craft in Frenchmen street market, rented a bike and went through close neighbourhoods filled with colourful houses and lined trees, saw the Mississippi with its typical local old boat (loved it!) and even Bubba Shrimp restaurant (Forrest Gump).


Spanish balconies


Streets French names


Mississipi river boat.


Live music in the street.


Everyone chilling


Frenchmen Street art market


Old pharmacy


Old/ New

On our last day we went to visit a plantation. Got some emotions as we almost ran out of fuel in a federal prison zone under a storm with signs on the street telling you not to pick up ay hitchhikers because it was a prison zone!

Anyway we finally spotted a gaz station and made it safely to Oak tree plantation (Oaks in from of the house are 300 years old), where sugar cane was produced.


Very interesting visit that shows you the family history and living conditions of the people who where slaved in the plantation.


Names of the people who were slaves in this plantation, as a tribute to them.


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