Day of the Deads

Because there are times in the year you cannot miss in some countries, I was there for the Day of the Deads in Mexico.

And best of all, my best friend came along with many friends of hers, so we ended up with a big group of Frenchies, Americans, Germans and Mexicans of course. Oh yeah!

img_2283In San Miguel de Allende. 

We decided to spend the week-end in beautiful Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. Both cities are just 4/5 hours by bus from Mexico city, of not even a one hour flight trip. Way to close and beautiful not to go!

One day in each city is a good introduction. Walk through all the small streets and try all Mexican delicacies: tacos, micheladas, ceviche, mezcal etc

img_1970img_1989img_1979Up the small streets in Guanajuato


img_2076Guanajuato – the view from up there!

Second day, we went to San Miguel de Allende and kind of missed some celebrations, but it did not matter, we met so many people in the streets that it was really fun. Try to go to a cemetery to see how people arrange the graveyards of their loved ones.

img_2241San Miguel de Allende. Picture by Tyler (?)

If you get a make-up be prepared to stop every minute to take pictures with people!


And at night, bands were playing in the streets, what a better way to end the day!





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